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Aloe Vera For Living is Independent Distributor for Forever Living Products. Our natural health and beauty range includes Aloe Vera gel drinks, natural supplements, beehive products, personal care, Aloe Vera skin care, specialist skin care, Sonya skin care, the new aroma spa collection, weight management and products for animals and home. All our products are of the highest quality, with Aloe Vera as the main ingredient.

For over 25 years, Forever Living Products has dedicated itself to seeking out nature’s best sources for health and beauty and sharing them with the world. Founded in 1978, FOREVER rewrote the book on how to put nature’s best sources for health to work for you. Our complete family of Aloe Vera drinks, skincare products and cosmetics brings the remarkable properties of aloe to the entire body. Add that to our full line of nutritional supplements and products from the beehive, and you have a complete system for naturally achieving better health and beauty.

We own numerous patents for the stabilisation of Aloe Vera, which assures you of the highest quality aloe vera-based health and beauty products. The stabilisation process ensures the aloe remains essentially identical to the inner leaf gel, and is free from herbicides, pesticides, pasteurisation, freeze drying and heat treatment. To further ensure that our stabilised Aloe Vera is the finest available, we’ve vertically integrated our entire aloe process. We control everything from fields, to factory, to research and development, to packaging, to shipping and distribution. This allows us to guarantee the quality of FLP products to our millions of customers and Distributors who depend on them for a healthier life and a more rewarding livelihood.

We are very proud that our products have benefited millions of people around the world, and we promise to continue our pursuit of quality and excellence, ensuring that we give you what you need to maintain the vitality you deserve!

aloe-vera-picture-sm- Aloe Vera, a plant that looks like a cactus, has been used in herbal medicine for 6,000 years.
- All our Aloe Vera Products are certified by the International Aloe Science Council. Look for the Council Seal on each product as a sign of high Aloe Vera concentration, and look on the contents write-up.
- Aloe Vera should be the first product (and not the last) in an ingredient list as a sign of high Aloe Vera concentration.
- Good Health has never had a price!


healthy-living-people- General tonic for good health
- Useful source of vitamins
- Useful source of minerals
- Anti-inflammatory and pain killing effect
- Antiviral activity
- Increases the activity of fibroblasts
- Effect on the skin
- Effect on gut flora
- Assists in healthy digestion
- Effect on the gut

It’s been said that no one REALLY understands why and how Aloe works. But it’s been known for a VERY long time that it is a very powerful cleanser, healer and all-around health giver.

Millions of people throughout the world have benefited from Aloe Vera products. We invite you to explore this site, learn more about Nature’s Miracle Healer and Enjoy a…